John Davis Gallery I am proud to be part of the John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York.  
  Oehme Graphics Master Printer Sue Oehme has set up her shop and invited me to work with her. What an opportunity for me.  
  FaceBook Album My Album of images and 'comments' that may be viewed without having to join or be a member of FaceBook.  
  facebook artist conversations Jeff Hogue's blog.  
  Album of Artists' Tables, Shelves and Palettes. My Album of images and 'comments' that may be viewed without having to join or be a member of FaceBook.  
  Two Coats of Paint Sharon Butler's popular blog.  
  Painters' Table A magazine of the painting blogosphere.  
  Galerie Cerulean Joe Walentini has put up a show of my recent work from Oehme Graphics.  
  Abstract Art Online Joe Walentiny's blog on current artists and essays.  
  Studio Critical Valerie Brennan's blog on painter's practice.  
  TenWordsAndOneShot A bog on artists.  
  buddyofwork Henry Samelson's blog that invites artists to submit an example of their primary work alongside an example of their peripheral (buddy) work

  Album of Journals on Facebook Some entries from over 40 years of Journals as both a personal record and document of my times.  
  Review of Little Berlin Show May 2012 Titile Magazine- Peep: A Curious Look Into Painting- Little Berlin, curated by Alana Bograd.  
  R. C. Morgan in the Brooklyn Rail Review of my show in John Davis' Carriage House.  
  Mudfish 17 A Journal of art and poetry.  
  Paintersbread Mike Rutherford's excellent site and an interview we did this past December 2012.  
  A CONVERSATION WITH FARRELL BRICKHOUSE Interview with Julia Schwartz for Figure/Ground Communication.  
  Steve Gibson's blog A brief description of my practice and an image but also an interesting blog.  
  Brooklyn Rail Review Jason Stopa write on my John Davis show  
  Gorky's Granddaughter Interview A recent interview with two great guys.
Christopher Joy -

Zachary Keeting -
  Torrance Art Museum Online  
  Journal Presentation @ Honey Ramka Gallery Honey Ramaka Gallery hosted a reading and presentation of my years of Journal entries.  
  Outside/ In @ Life On Mars Gallery, NY An article on the Outside In Exhibition at LoMG Feb. 2014  
  Tilted- Arc A discussion about artists and criticism I was asked to contribute to.